Welcome to Insanity’s Horse’s home page! We are Drew University’s art & literature magazine. We publish a full range of student works, including photography, short stories, paintings, poetry, drawings, and more. We are so grateful to have such a talented, creative, and hardworking community at Drew, and are even prouder to publish another phenomenal magazine at the end of each school year.

Our mission is to further that talent and creativity by reviewing, collecting, and publishing all of our best writers and artists at Drew. Insanity’s Horse exists, because we love your passion. We want to see your fire continue to burn, so to all Drew students: submit to us!

A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted, and a doubly huge thank you to everyone who will submit in the future!

This website serves as both an archive and a celebration of the talented Drew students. To be a part of the magazine or to submit to the magazine, contact us at insanity@drew.edu. (Please note: only currently enrolled Drew students can take part.) We have many exciting events throughout the year, including a fiction & non-fiction short story contest as well as a visit to the bi-annual Dodge Poetry Festival in Newark, NJ.

Submissions for the 2020-2021 school year are closed and the magazine has been published! You can find a downloadable pdf of the 2020-2021 edition by going to “Posts” then clicking on our most recent one titled “Insanity’s Horse 2020-2021.”


Happy reading!

The Insanity’s Horse editorial board